The format: Naked Interviews

My interviews are friendly and smooth conversation with just a bit of unusual: both the parties involved have no clothes on.Why Naked?


Because Naked is Honest

With no clothes on, there are no labels and status symbols defining a person. In this sense, nudity is also about equality.
Freed of clothing, hiding nothing physically from each other, people can also free up their minds and be mentally honest. The only way two naked people can know each other is starting a conversation and exchanging opinions.


Because Naked is Free
and this is probably the best way to face a topic which for a long time has been suffering from myths, misconceptions, fallacies and shame, and which needs to be freed from all this.

I SHOW FLAG – Naked Interview with the artist who turns vulvas into art pieces

In a small town in the outskirts of Frankfurt I met Mirko, the artist behind I SHOW FLAG. He usually asks her models to disrobe and lie down to take the...