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Meeting LELO Anniversary Collection: the Holy Grail of pleasure

If you followed my recent Instagram stories, you probably saw me wandering around Italy with her: Mr Grey's dream toy box, the Holy Grail of pleasure, every sex blogger's dream: the LELO Anniversary Collection. To celebrate its 15th Anniversary, Swedish luxury sex toy brand LELO synthesized all the pleasure spread around the world from its very first toy to the last and then locked it in a modest, innocent black suitcase, sealed with a purple zip.

Born from the encounter between the unmistakable soft and velvety silicone, metal, carbon fibre and leather, here come 12 freshly forged pleasure objects: 12 limited-edition pieces arranged neatly on the black and purple painted wood walls, waiting to be freed from the elastic bands and to loosen inhibitions to the rhythm of arousal and desire.

Each piece is named after a person, a place, a time that played a key role in LELO’s history.

The Anniversary Collection is limited to 1000 pieces - 800 black zinc and 200 pink with premium 18K rose gold.

[caption id="attachment_5772" align="alignnone" width="1000"]LELO Anniversary Collection - Valigia di sex toy in edizione limitata LELO Anniversary Collection - Suitcase Pink 18k[/caption]

The very moment LELO handed us one of the 200 pieces en rose, my better half and I pictured the perfect photo shooting: a whole day spent in a luxury historic Italian building in Turin together with other four or five girls who would have liked to stay in front of the camera for one day, alternating shots and poses with vegan meals, bubbly toasts and free chats.

In less than one week, we lost our first choice location, then the plan B one, then we tried to craft a plan C but, at that point, all the locations available were too small, too far away or too expensive, or the respective owners were too on vacation. Then we lost the models receiving texts about setbacks, love troubles, unexpected menstruation and impossible public transport connections. Less than 48 hours before the shooting we were out of locations and less than 24 hours before, we were out of models. But still hell-bent on it.

After browsing through every nook and cranny of AirBnb and every contact in his iPhone, my better half found the unfindable: an improbable location, smaller, darker and further away than what we were looking for, which turned out to be perfect, and two proactive girls who, regardless of under-way periods and sunburned skin, decided to get involved without notice and to save our shooting. Just to avoid last-minute surprises, the day before the shooting we went for a walk-through of the venue. There, in front of the house number written in a Whatsapp text, the front gate opened revealing the unexpected smiling face of a dear friend we hadn't seen in years, overturning a memory drawer that was left sealed and forgot for a long time. Then came the hugs and we stopped worrying about the shooting. The next day, at 5:30 pm on a midsummer Monday afternoon, we were in a Mongolian yurt surrounded by a magical wood on the outskirts of Turin. Around us, Buddha statues, Tantra images and the natural light filtered through the circular opening in the roof (and mosquitoes). In the spotlight, just her: the Anniversary Collection. Arrivo nella tenda Yurta Arrivo nella Yurta con la valigetta di LELO

Our models-for-a-day had never been in front of a camera, never got naked in front of strangers and never tried a sex toy before.

The initial awkward stage lasted just the time it took us to set up camera equipment and lighting: within minutes, topless was the new normal, the supposed defects turned into a faded memory, and LELO sex toys started waving in the air, vibrating on the hands and slapping buttocks between one shot and the next.

backstage The shooting turned into a cheerful experience of friendship and sharing. Unburdened by clothes and taboos, everyone enjoyed a new lightness and forgot worrying about the body and the projected self-image. It's always wonderful to see girls, women who feel confident and comfortable with their own body and suddenly switch from criticising it to loving it and playing with it. Here is the outcome of a busy half a day's shooting during which LELO's suitcase, captured by I'M the Ph's camera, played the part of the star but remained just a pleasure for the eyes.

It's time to move to practice and turn this triumph of silicone, leather and pink gold into pleasure for the body. In the coming days, we'll make the acquaintance of each piece and we'll tell about it in a huge final review.

manette metallo LELO-Avvinersary-Collection maschera pelle LELO Anniversary Collection manette LELO Anniversary Collection Piumino Cannes LELO Anniversary Collection Sex Toy in edizione limitata LELO Anniversary Collection vibratori-LELO-Avvinersary-Collection   Pictures: I'M the Phabc

EVA II: the vibrator that broke my heart – Review

Eva II is the evolution of Eva, the hands-free vibrator designed to be worn by vulva owners during penetrative sex. When Eva was brought to the market its reputation had preceded it. Eva was launched on crowdfunding website Indiegogo and raised more than $ 800.000 becoming the most highly funded adult product in the history of online crowdfunding and the most successful campaign ever run by an all-female team. From Indiegogo to conquer the world, it was a short trip, also thanks to the media resonance both on the internet and the printed paper that introduced Eva to the whole world as the first hands-free, strap-free, non-intrusive couples vibrator designed by women for women. For a blog, a website, a magazine featuring Eva has become the demonstration of having an open, sex-positive approach and caring about female pleasure. confezioni con varianti colore EVA vibratore per coppie

Before the product: in the beginning was the concept

Dame Product, the American brand behind Eva, was born when tho women, a psychologist and an engineer from MIT, met and decided to bring their skills and interests together embarking on a mission "to design well-engineered sex toys" developed around users' real needs and based on scientific research "to heighten intimacy and to openly empower the sexual experiences of womankind". Eva was developed to bridge the pleasure gap, the disparity between men and women when it comes to experiencing pleasure and achieving orgasm. According to several researches, only one in four women can reach orgasm through vaginal penetration alone. For the majority of women, clitoral stimulation is key to orgasm but it's also hard to get during vaginal intercourse, especially in certain positions, either using hands or a vibrating toy to help. Before Eva, there were two categories of wearable sex toys for couples to use during intercourse that leave the hands free to explore, move around, lean on the skin, grab the sheets. One is the penis ring type and the other the We-Vibe type, the couple vibrators with two vibrating arms, one to be inserted into the vagina and one that rests against the vulva to stimulate the labia and the clitoris. Both the solutions can be very distracting and may get in the way causing discomfort, especially for men. Eva's ambition is to glue to the vulva becoming like a natural extension of the body and to enhance the female pleasure experience without penalizing the male one. Surely Eva revolutionised the market of hands-free couples' vibrators. Whether it improved it can be said only after trying it.

First date with Eva

When I received Eva, I was expecting great things from that small silicone shell with slender wings that had collected positive reviews and media ovations. vibratore per coppie EVA dentro la confezione Eva came inside a minimalist packaging with a reassuring aesthetic, the kink you'd expect to find in a pharmacy, at the Apple Store or in a bright sex-positive shop run by enlightened people where every woman would feel comfortable walking in and snooping around. In the pack, I found Eva, a sleek neutral-coloured charging base/travel case, a USB cable, a soft pouch and the user manual. Up until then, I was still in butterflies-in-the-stomach and stellar-expectations mode. Then I tried Eva. As it happened with other toys, after a couple of tests I couldn't help but wonder whether the problem was me or the sex toy. As I usually do in such cases, I turned to the holy Google and looked for the reviews written by who's populating this field longer than me and is respected and esteemed by the blogosphere. This time I appealed to Dangerous Lilly, who started blogging about sex in 2008 and has been writing (brutally) honest, informative and reliable reviews since then. Not only her review confirmed my doubts and concerns about Eva, it also destroyed the romantic image I had of my cute little vibrator: when she compared it to the shape of the uterus I started to look at it with new eyes. To remedy, I had to find a substitute image, cute but more realistic, and now I think of Eva as the IKEA's heart-shaped cushion with arms (and that's not necessarily a good thing, I'll get there). I'll just say her review worked as a green light to post mine. So, however unpopular and discordant with the happy, hetero couples featuring in the presentation video, this is the story of my never-blossomed love affair with Eva. [little marginal note: Dangerous Lilly's review refers to the first version of Eva. The changes in the updated version are minimal and consist in slightly reduced size and weight (which, apparently, don't translate into an improved wearability), a different button placement from the front to the top and the waterproof feature which makes it (uselessly) submersible].

An impossible match

The first challenge was putting Eva in its place. Literally. The theory goes: you pull each labium over one wing at a time until Eva nestles in the vulva and stays in place. vibratore per coppia EVA con braccia chiuse In practice, I tried to place Eva using a wee bit of lube but it kept slipping away from my vulva. So I tried with no lube at all and I started tinkering with my labia by pulling them in every direction and make them cover up and block Eva's wings, and somehow I managed to put it in place. Now the theory goes you turn it on and select the vibration intensity by pressing the single button and focus on the lovemaking, also attempting the"adventurous positions". I'd have been happy with the easy and boring ones but Eva wouldn't stay put. The few times it looked secured to my vulva, it managed to break free from the hug of my labia. I tried to hold it between mine and my better half's body, but then it started moving around, vibrations were no longer directed to my clit and, despite its compact size, it felt uncomfortable and worked like a hard barrier pushing against the body. Every position where my vulva wasn't pressed against another body wasn't even conceivable because every time I attempted to rotate or kneel, Eva immediately popped out.

The centre of attention, not pleasure

A wearable vibrator should free the hands as well as the mind, allowing you to just follow sensations without caring about how to hold it and place it in an optimal position and how to avoid arm and hand from standing in the way of pleasure. Dame Products' mission is to "create toys that fit into your sex life, instead of making your sex life adapt to our products", but Eva works in the opposite direction and gets all the attention. Mind and body are constantly struggling to find out how to wear it, how to keep it in place, how to avoid movements that make it slip away. vibratore EVA II nella base di ricarica Every time I was able to wear Eva, I felt like it could get loose at any moment and I was so focused on the logistics I could hardly feel the effect of the vibes on my clit. By that time, every feeling, the contact with another body, the intimate connection with my partner had taken a backseat and the mission of our entwined bodies wasn't embarking on a journey in search of pleasure but holding a piece of vibrating silicone.

Not-so-sexy gestures

I think gestures are a huge factor in sexuality and we all picture ourselves involved in a pleasure session referring to an ideal repertoire of bodies moving sensually ad harmoniously in a perfect synchrony of movements and sounds that ends in an orgasmic acute and a choreography of bending backs and hands sinking into the mattress. I'm not saying this is how things really go, but I'm quite sure everyone wants to show to the partner the most sensual and bendy version of themselves, even if they know they are flexible like a wood stick, and expect gestures and sounds to flow naturally. Feeling beautiful, confident, desired or at least comfortable, helps to loosen up and just follow arousal and desire. Crumpling up on yourself to tinker with the vulva and move the labia to trap a silicone thing while your partner is patiently looking at you without having the chance to help is not exactly how you fantasise about starting a passionate encounter. If the condom is seen as a break on pleasure and arousal, then Eva is not even able to get the sex car get started.

Uncertain vibrations

Pressing the button you can switch between three vibrating modes/levels. I read some complaints about extremely mild vibrations, but being a fan of soft, low-intensity vibrations, the opposite of what's considered a power queen, I didn't find them limiting. However, I got the impression the vibrations are quite basic. Compared with other sex toys in the same price range, it just can't hold a candle. Eva currently costs more than 100 £ and should compete with sex toys from brands like LELO, Iroha Plus or Jimmy Jane, but I would never choose it over my LELO Smart Wand for the couple play, although the wand may result cumbersome and keeps one hand and one arm busy. Even a toy like the Iroha Mini, which costs less than 20£, left me with a better impression. The big difference is that the Mini, albeit simple (it's a small and functional clitoral vibrator that fits in the palm of your hand and works with batteries) delivers what it promises (if not something more), while Eva promises the moon but doesn't even deliver the kind of star you buy on the internet.

Is it a matter of vulva?

vibratore EVA II appoggiato sul monte di venere I wondered whether the reason behind my complicated relationship with Eva was the geometry of my anatomy. Surely a certain shape of labia can facilitate to place and use Eva and having labia big enough so that they can cover most of the vibrator might help. What I do know is that there are so many different shapes of vulvas (it's been enlightening to look at the plaster casts of all different vulvas made by I Show Flag artist) it would be impossible to design a sex toy that precisely fits everyone. But there would be no point in having a vibrator exclusively shaped for one only kind of vulva. I think a wearable sex toy makes sense only if it can be used by all or almost all of the women, maybe struggling a bit, to experience pleasure. It looks to me like Eva is designed for a very limited number of vulvas. As Dangerous Lilly pointed out, Eva is probably not your choice if you have minimal outer labia (unable to cover it up) but long inner labia that might get in the way; surely it's not for you if you prefer strong vibrations and some pressure on your clitoris; obviously it's not for you if you appreciate a good lubrication during sex (who doesn't?).

Final thoughts

vibratore per coppia EVA II in mano I cannot imagine that all the positive reviews about Eva are made up or are a way to hop on the bandwagon and take advantage of its visibility. And I'm happy for the media resonance and the revolutions it started: the popularity of Eva (and Dame's arguments about the role played by sex toys into the sex life) convinced Kickstarter to make an exception to the policy banning "pornographic material," and open its platform to Fin, the finger vibrator developed after Eva, and the first sex toy ever posted on the pioneer crowdfunding platform online. I believe Dame Products deserves credit for bringing attention to female pleasure and initiating a global positive dialogue to break taboos, improving knowledge of the women's body and sheding light on the importance of the clitoral stimulation during intercourse. Unfortunately, all this work has yet to turn into a product that can actually revolutionize the female sexual experience during penetrative sex. That's why Eva is useful like the IKEA heart-shaped pillow with arms: cute and cuddly but unable to hug back and kind of unsentimental when it comes to conveying


Journey to the edge of male pleasure

Let's start with a premise. The predecessor Tenga Flip Zero was born in 2016 as a technological product for penis masturbation and, compared to every other male toy, belongs to a higher category differing in design, finishings and sensations delivered. Here's my past review. That's why, the moment I saw the newsletter announcing the launch of the vibrating evolution, Tenga Flip Zero EV, I sided with the sceptics. How would it even be possible to create a better product? confezione Tenga Flip Zero EV It came to me directly from Japan, thanks to my better half, right after the official presentation on the European market, in its shimmering minimalist packaging with Apple-style images on a clean white background: the perfect presentation. Flip Zero EV has the same colours, shape and materials of its older brother and that surprised me. How the hell did they integrate the vibration in there? The answer is as simple as disarming: Flip Zero EV is an utterly different world. It's a whole new product, redesigned and re-engineered to the last detail in order to improve the user experience and to bring sensations to a new, higher, unique level. Let me be clear on this: there is nothing remotely close to Tenga Flip Zero EV in the world of penis toys and I'll tell you why.

Simplicity is the key to evolution

Tenga Flip Zero EV insieme ai prodotti da barba Let's start from the external shape: simple and intuitive. A white satin finish and a single button on the top to turn the Flip On and Off and to cycle through its vibration modes. The grip hasn't changed one bit: solid and firm but also soft and pliable depending on the surface areas, to let you play with your little friend. Remove the slide arms (that also work as the battery) to access the internal structure, where you can find a completely new space redesigned with new textures and two new vibration cores, one on each side, fully coated with the soft and flawless silicone by Tenga, that run for 40 minutes after a 90-mins charge. [vc_row][vc_column width="1/2"][vc_single_image image="4604" img_size="full"][/vc_column][vc_column width="1/2"][vc_single_image image="4606" img_size="full"][/vc_column][/vc_row] Not only do you have no perception of the cores as strange elements, you don't even realize where the wiring and the connectors are placed: Flip Zero EV looks more magical than electronic. The new internal structure looks simpler than the previous one and the absence of the layered end orb, the final rounded area at the bottom of the toy that used to bring me a lot of pleasure, left me puzzled: did I really have something better on my hands?

The greatest respect you can pay to theory is practice. Ergo, let's hit it!

Every toy by Tenga always comes with a sample of lube. This time I used both the shots of Hole Lotion Real lubricating the inside of the FLIP and the insertion point. Don't be afraid to abound: once Flip Zero EV is closed, it stays sealed without causing any spillage of lube. Tenga Flip Zero EV in mano You become aware of the great work of design and innovation once you start using Flip Zero EV the same way you used the Flip Zero. Once I had my little friend inside it, it felt comfortable and enveloping. I never paid attention to the weight of 530 grams, carried away by pleasant sensations. I quickly reached the bottom of the White Rabbit hole and, without thinking too much about the new features, I skipped from a phase of acquaintance and adjustment to ecstatic pleasure: only the Flip Zero gave me a similar sensation until then. Interno in silicone di TENGA FLIP ZERO EV Flip Zero EV immediately puts you at ease. I tried to rotate and squeeze it to test if the presence of the two vibrating motors could be irritating, but all I found was an incredible vacuum suction that perfectly simulates an enjoyable fellatio. This might be enough for a new, well-designed sex toy coming with a new texture, but certainly not enough to justify a huge difference in the sale prices. In fact, we are still at the beginning of our journey. In order to distinguish the Flip Zero's Room of Pleasure with the one in the Flip Zero EV, I coined a new term for the latter: the Buttons' Room.

The Buttons' Room

By pressing and holding the button on the top for 2 to 3 seconds, you turn the Flip on and start to perceive a low, soft vibration that envelops and stimulates your little friend down there. Tasto-accensione-Tenga-Flip-Zero-EV The two cores emit vibrations from the centre and from the tip of the toy and the internal structure make them spread along the penis length. Having experimented with my better half's vibrating sex toys, I was curious to test the other modes, looking for more intense vibrations. So far, I only had the chance to be pleased by vibrations coming from cock rings (punctual and irritating) and female sex toys used during the intercourse (weak and not directed at me). By pressing again, you activate a higher continuous vibration. You just need to press a third time to switch to other 3 modes: Pulse, Alternating (the vibration alternately bounces between the two cores) and Random, where moves, vibrations and patterns are casually mixed up and it's like attending a rave party of sexual pleasure. I lingered for as long as I could, while the vibrations were enhancing a sensation you can't find in any other way. If I'm being honest, after having played with all the modes, the one that led me to climax was the first one, with the soft and continuous vibration. That's probably because it allows you to feel the internal stimulating edges and to easily use the pressure pads while the vibrations run. O Tenga-Flip-Zero-EV collegato al laptop

One more run

I tried the Flip Zero EV again the following day and I let the vibrations carry me away, fully relaxed inside that comfortable VIP room, enjoying a relaxing massage along the length of my little friend. Eventually, I reached the climax with the first vibration mode while I was manually playing with the toy: that remains my favourite combo.

Final thoughts

I always felt like I had an extremely technologic and refined object on my hands (and around my penis), something that draws a clear dividing line in the history of male masturbation between how it's been intended in the human history so far and how it's been conceived by the team of designers and engineers at Tenga's. This is a revolution comparable to the augmented reality. Tenga-Flip-Zero-EV-prodotti-da-barba Tenga Flip Zero EV gives you amazing physical sensations that you cannot find in nature, so new and intense that you're not even able to explain them to someone who hasn't tried this toy yet. It's a pleasure comparable to the adrenaline you get from an immersive video game where action, fantasy and reality collide and the rules of physics can be reinterpreted. Here's my advice: make room in your bedroom, on your nightstand or in the living room, between the everyday objects, and reserve yourself a first-class seat for a journey that even Elon Musk with his Tesla cannot offer you. I'Mabc

TENGA FLEX: the different twins of male pleasure – Review

I’ll admit it, I always end up spoiling things for myself and regretting it. I’m the one who reads the last 3 pages of the new Harry Potter book; who loses his appetite before a specially prepared dinner, wolfing down nuts and appetizers right before sitting at the table; who starts from the most adrenaline filled ride and gets bored with the other attractions in the theme