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The orgasm library: what does happiness sound like?

The 8th of August marks the International Female Orgasm Day, a celebration that originated in the northeastern Brazilian town of Esperantina.

The story that the Councillor Arimateia Dantas wanted to compensate his wife for some sexual debts, due to his premature ejaculation.

The holiday is aimed at encouraging women to explore their sexuality and gain greater confidence about their bodies in a culturally free, open and accepting environment, by promoting sexual health and raising awareness about a still-mysterious phenomenon.

Female orgasm, penalised for its only purpose of giving pleasure, has been living in the shadow of male orgasm - evolutionary crucial for the continuation of the species - for long, ending up being suffocated and silenced by popular culture's stigma, social taboos, lack of knowledge.

[caption] Meg Ryan e Billy Crystal in the popular fake orgasm scene in When Harry meets Sally[/caption]

Things are changing and female orgasm will be on everyone's lips soon, thanks to the increasing number of women who break the silence and open up about their sexuality, encouraging other women to do the same, and thanks to projects like the Orgasm Library.

Two years ago, the founders of Bijoux IndiscretsBijoux Indiscrets , Spanish brand of erotic accessories and cosmetics, launched, a collection of hundreds of recordings of real people having real orgasms.

The project is part of a study entitled "Fiction vs Reality in Sex" and is aimed at giving a portrayal of female pleasure more realistic than the representation that cinema, from romantic comedies to porn, is selling us, and showing that pleasure comes in many shapes and sounds and is both plural and diverse.

Each orgasm in the library is a piece of art to observe and listen to, illustrated by colourful visual sound maps made of circles that pulse and get bigger to every peak of pleasure and dissolve into the silent valleys of the whispered sexual sounds.

[caption id="attachment_5709" align="alignnone" width="1000"]rappresentazione grafica suono orgasmo Visual sound map of an orgasm of the library[/caption]

It's hard to tell if every orgasm is spontaneous and real: the repertoire of porn-style screams, contortions and facial expressions of deep pleasure has surely influenced the way women think they are meant to show their pleasure.

But the project's value is positively related to the number of recordings uploaded on the site: the varied mosaic of orgasms' shapes and colours paints a picture of the vastly different ways every woman experiences sex and can help women to feel comfortable with the sound of their own pleasure and make a clean sweep of expectations, anxiety and shame.

If you were looking for a way to celebrate this International Female Orgasm Day, just know that everyone can anonymously contribute to the growth of this project: clear your voice and keep a device handy; then indulge in a session of pure and free pleasure, loud and clear or soft and muffled; record your orgasm and upload the audio track on the website. Remember to give your orgasm an original name so you can recognise it later and listen to it again so you don't forget what your happiness sounds like.


A seven-days long quickie (news): female orgasm still remains a mystery for most men…

A brief overview of what’s happened over the last week #InSearchOfPleasure.

Female orgasm still remains a mystery for most men

A new study published in The Journal of Sexual Medicine investigated the orgasm experience of 1,683 newlywed heterosexual couples to better understand how it influences individual and partner sexual and relationship satisfaction. The results show that:
  • men are more likely to orgasm than women: 87% of husbands and 49% (less than half !) of wives reported consistently experiencing orgasm;
  • many men have a hard time identifying a female orgasm: 43% of husbands misperceived how often their wives experienced orgasm;
  • communication is key: for both husbands and wives, relationship and sexual satisfaction is positively associated with sexual communication;
  • female orgasm is an indicator of partners' sexual satisfaction: for women, sexual satisfaction is related to their self-report of frequency and for men, it's related to their perception of wives' orgasm frequency.

Feederism: the erotic enjoyment of gaining weight

There's the fat fetishism - a sexual attraction to overweight people - and then there's the feederism, a subcategory of people (typically straight men) - the feeders - that derive sexual pleasure from feeding food to their partner - the feedee - to gain weight. The feedee enjoys being fed and gaining weight, sometimes to a state of immobility. An article posted on Playboy outlined this fetish. According to Dr. Jenni Skyler, sexologist and licensed marriage and family therapist for, to the feeders, changing the human body is the ultimate kink. “They like the aspect of actually feeding their partner as the combination of food and sex is highly erotic for many people,” she explained. The feeder/feedee relationship dynamics are the same as the dominant and submissive bond in BDSM practices. There's also an active online community surrounding feederism which frequents sites like Fantasy Feeder to share recipes, experiences and discuss the healthiest ways to get fat fast. The article reports the experiences of several people like Jennifer, a 36-year-old feedee who made a career out of her feeding fetish since she launched her pay site, Shameless Gluttony (NSFW), in 2011, getting paid as a fetish model and performer.

Three women stabbed in Chilean march to legalize abortion

Masked attackers stabbed three women in the legs and in the stomach during a march for free and safe abortions in Santiago, Chile. Therapeutic abortion in Chile was legal from 1931 to 1989, when it was criminalized and abolished by the military dictatorship. Chile had one of the most restrictive abortion policies in the world until in 2017 the government of Michelle Bachelet erased a total ban to permit termination in instances of rape, if there is a risk to the mother’s life or if the foetus is not expected to survive. Her rightwing successor, Sebastian Piñera, has strongly opposed any further reforms, and women’s rights activists are concerned the government will backtrack on the progress.

International AIDS Conference: alarming data, hopes and big names.

22nd International AIDS Conference, the largest conference on any global health or development issue in the world, took place in Amsterdam from 23-27 July under the theme “Breaking barriers, building bridges”. According to the UNICEF data, "the AIDS epidemic continues to take a staggering toll, but progress is possible". An estimated 36.9 million people were living with HIV worldwide in 2017, of whom almost the half are women aged above 15 years, and there are still 1.8 million new HIV infections a year. Two important studies were discussed at the conference. One study tested 779 gay male couples in 14 European countries where one partner was uninfected and the other was taking drugs to suppress HIV. After a median of 18 months and about 75,000 sex acts without condoms, none of the infected men spread HIV to their partner. In another study 1,600 gay men in the Paris region who were at high risk of getting HIV were offered a two-drug combo preventive pill either for daily use or “on demand” — before and after unprotected sex (chosen by a little more than half). According to the study leader, since they started, they have not seen a single infection. The researches show more promise for using AIDS treatment drugs as a prevention tool. Sir Elton John and Prince Harry, Duke of Sussex, attended the conference together to launch the Menstar Coalition, an initiative aimed at targeting and preventing HIV infections in men and inspired by the “growing alarm of the rate of new HIV infections among young women.”

Belgian nudist beach blocked over concerns ‘sexual activity’ would scare larks

Belgium blocked an application for a second nudist beach in the country on the grounds that bathers’ “subsidiary activities” in the dunes would scare off rare lark, or Galerida cristata.

Save the quickie – International Orgasm Day

July 31 will be International Orgasm Day, celebration of the greatest expression of pleasure that to many remains an unfulfilled ambition, a big taboo or an enjoyment of which they are unaware. It's time to put aside the everyday duties, subvert the priority list and put pleasure before business, giving in to the pursuit of the "big O" as individual, couple or

A seven-days long quickie (news): Playboy Russia models heats the 2018 World Cup up, the series where everybody’s naked…

A brief overview of what’s happened over the last week #InSearchOfPleasure.

Playboy Russia's 11-strong female team heats the 2018 World Cup up

A female team of 11 models starred in a super hot photo shoot at one of the stadiums which host the matches in Russia this summer. Some shots here and on the Instagram channel